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In Kilfinane there is a stone monument containing a carved head. It was put there in 1998 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the beheading of Patrick Staker Wallis. He was executed by the local landlord, ‘Silver Oliver’ because he was stirring up trouble on the estate. You might say he was a Revolutionary; This was not an especially unusual thing to happen in those days, but understandably it made Silver Oliver very unpopular. In 1799 Silver Oliver died, leaving his eldest son Richard Oliver a wealthy man. Richard left Ireland and spent the rest of his life in England, neglecting his Irish inheritance. It was during these early years of the 19th century that Clonodfoy House fell into the careless hands of the steward Galloway, whose ghost is said to still haunt the defense. Richard Oliver was born on the site of what is now Castle Oliver farm. In 1806 he married an English girl, and through her, eventually inherited estates and coal mines in Yorkshire, (On one condition he changed his name to Oliver Gascoigne) They had four children, but two died, leaving Mary Elisabeth to inherit the Anglo-Irish Estates.