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CHURCH READERS: The following are the readers at Masses this weekend Mary O’ Sullivan at the 7pm on Saturday night and Joanne Sheehy at the 10am on Sunday morning.

DAWN MASS: It is estimated that in excess of 400 people attended the Annual Dawn Mass on the hill of Ardpatrick on Easter Sunday morning April 1 at 06.30 am. Through the years people have come from a wide area, for many, it’s one of those special mornings and a form of pilgrimage. The weather was favourable, a dry frosty morning with a moderate easterly wind on the hilltop, a powerful moon low to the south-west provided an element of light for the stiff climb, dawn was breaking but torchlight was required to continue the Mass. The altar was set up to the north of the broad monastery wall which provided a degree of shelter, the Mass was concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Casey, Kilmallock, Rev. Fr. O’Shea, Kilfinane, and Rev. Fr. Bluett, Ardpatrick. Margaret Wallis provided the music for the choir, as Mass ended, the sky to the east was a sight to behold just prior to sunrise behind the distant Galty Mountains. On descending the wonderful panorama of mountains, hills and the Golden Vale opened up, too many it was the first experience, although it was April the countryside has not recovered from the cold wet weather of previous months. The Community Centre was packed as people availed of the refreshments provided by members of the local Community Council, supported by the Graveyard Committee and many volunteers. This year’s chosen charity was the Circle of Friends Cancer Support Centre, Tipperary Town, and the collection realised €775.00 thanks to all who donated. The Community Centre and the refreshments were provided free and all expenses covered by the organising committee.

PRESENTATION: While the people were partaking of the refreshments after the Dawn Mass a presentation was made to Pat Casey on behalf of the people of Ardpatrick, in thanks for his many years of “the Ardpatrick notes” to the local papers. His presentation was a pen with a holder and a globe signifying his scribed notes going around the world.

TEAM LIMERICK CLEAN-UP 4: Team Limerick Clean-up 4 on Good Friday, March 30 saw Ardpatrick participating through the Community Council/Tidy Towns organisations. A large crowd assembled at 10am in the Community Centre for instruction on safety aspects and to organise teams ensuring the whole area is covered, and ensuring people had high visibility and equipment to safely clear our local roads of the rubbish strewn over them. The turnout included youth as well as adults. Thanks to all that participated and to the organisations who organised the community. The 70 plus bags of litter collected were picked up from the roadside by trailers and accumulated in the car-park for collection by Mr Binman, This was the fourth year of this great initiative which is sponsored by the JP MacManus. Thanks to all involved and hopefully the amount of rubbish will start to reduce from now on.